Ominifis "Omin" Hereward Dran is a Half-Elf Cleric of Tymora (War Domain), as well as the CEO and founder of Acquisitions Incorporated.

Early Life Edit

Omin was raised by his mother Prophetess Dran and her unnamed partner.[1] Omin was raised with his two sisters, Auspicia and Portentia.

As children, Omin and his sisters encountered the Wandering Crypt, and Auspicia was lost to it. Omin went on to devote his professional life and significant resources to retrieving her.

Acquisitions Incorporated Edit

Personal Life Edit

Personality Edit

Omin enjoys paperwork and contracts.[2]

Omin: "I read contracts in lieu of conventional pornography, yes." 

Family Edit

Omin's step-mother, Audra Courtier, is not the step-mother he grew up with.[3]

Retcons Edit

In early Acquisitions Incorporated games, Portentia Dran was the sister who was lost in a dungeon. This was later retconned to be Auspicia.

Appearances Edit

Appeared in DnD Novel "Death Mask" by Ed Greenwood

Background Information Edit

Omin Dran is played by Jerry Holkins.

References Edit

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