"The Test Market" is the second episode of the first season of Acquisitions Incorporated The "C" Team.

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Walnut Dankgrass, Donaar Blit'zen, Rosie Beestinger, and K'thriss Drow'b ride their new mouse allies like mounts across the floor of the Test Market inn. After riding for an entire day they break to make camp and get some rest, while Walnut scavenges for enough food to feed their mice companions.

While on watch, K'thriss hears a deep, rhythmic bass noise he can't identify. The mice are clearly scared of the noise. He wakes up the rest of the party, and they jump on their mice and ride away as quickly as possible. While they flee, the mice try to stay close to chairs and tables - a strategy which works well up until a large amount of beer spills off from a table edge and the party has to quickly dodge it. Most of them make it through successfully, but K'thriss is knocked off his mouse.

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“Tell me if this sounds familiar: you entered into a contact with Acquisitions Incorporated, you went where they told you to go, and there was no one there. And then you left that place, but you didn’t really leave it, you went to another version of it, and then you went to another version of it. And then you went to ANOTHER version of it except you were small. Is that – same?” -- Unnamed Wizard

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Dungeon Master: Jerry Holkins

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